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updated: 12/12/07


2007 Archived News

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Deuce Program (3/3/07)

TSR Visit (2/28/07)

Advanced Juniors (3/14/07)

USTATournament  Juniors (3/20/07)

Beginner Level Juniors (3/14/07)

Deuce Program (3/17/07)

Beginner/Intermediate Level Juniors (3/31/07)

Advance/USTA Level Juniors (3/31/07)

Elementary School Event-3-31-07

Middle-School-Event (4/14/07)

Deuce Program (4/14/07)

Rallyball 4/21/07

Sena's USTA Win-4-22-07

Rallyball Finals-5/12/07

Sena's USTA Win-5-13-07

Deuce Program (5/19/07)

Edward's Scholarship-5-22-07

Sams Check-5-23-07

Deuce Program (6/9/07)

Adult Fun Day-6-30-07

Rallyball 7/28/07

Rallyball 8/4/07

Coach William Washington-8-4-07

Sena's USTA Win-8-3-07


Sectional Visit-8-21-07

Arthur Ashe Essay Winners-9-18-07

Rallyball 9/29/07

Sena's USTA Win-10-7-07

Rallyball 10/13/07

Magic City Tennis Tournament-10-19-07


Regional Rally-11-3-07

JLTA Donations-11-13-07

Sena's USTA Win-11-25-07

Sydney's Television Debut-11-28-07

USTA Team Tennis Event-12-8-07


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