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2017 Archived News

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Davis Cup Events-2-5-17 Midhun's_Math_Award-3-10-17
UAB Match With Juniors-3-4-17 Coach Stephan Celebration-3-23-17
Difei and James Tournament Winners-4-2-17 Difei Wins Consolation-4-23-17
James Zhu Finalist-4-23-17 Juniors Playing In Sanction Tournaments-2017
Junior Sanction Tournament Winners-5-2-17 Difei's Dixieland Tournament Win-5-7-17
Difei's AL Spring State Championship Win-5-14-17 Junior Champs - Spring Session - 6/1/17
Pioneer Check Received - 6-1-17 Difei Wins Inverness Level 3 Tournament-6-11-17
Parker's Tournament Win-6-14-17 Zion's Accomplishments - 6-24-17
Difei_Kelly_Finalist_Doubles-6-26-17 Senior Games Ball Boys and Girls-6-8-17
Auburn_12s_Team-7-9-17 Auburn_18s_Team_Finalist-7-9-17
Honor_Students-7-15-17 Galen's Departure-8-5-17
Junior Tournament-8-5-17 Nigel's Level 4 Accomplishment-8-20-17
Best NJTL Alabama Essay-8-21-17 Daryl Perkins Eagle Scout-8-27-17
Difei Junior Tournament Win-9-10-17 Perry Gregg Visit-10-26-17
Junior_Celebration-11-18-17 Nigel's Junior Tournament Award-11-19-17
Parker's Junior Tournament Win-11-25-17 Kevin's Junior Tournament Win-11-25-17
Jenny Robb's Book Presentation-12-2-17 Investment Advisers-12-9-17
Team Tennis Awards-12-12-17 Junior Talent-12-16-17
Tennis Carnival-12-16-17  


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