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updated: 12/16/19


2019 Archived News

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Zanetta's Sportsmanship Award-2-9-19 Coach Lewis' PTR Award-2-12-19
Cheryl Lockhart's Captain of the Year Award-2-16-19 Ranidi Win 10 & Under Division-3-9-19
Zanetta's 5K Run-11-2018 Central Park Free Clinic-3-26-19
Nigel's Tournament Wins-4-4-19 Jamiya's Tournament Wins-4-4-19
UAB Clinic For Juniors-4-6-19 UAB Ball Boys and Girls-4-6-19
Mattie's Manners Book-4-10-19 James Giles Tournament Win-4-21-19
Jamiya & Anushka Tournament Awards-4-21-19 Nigel's Consolation Award-4-21-19
City of Birmingham Expo-4-27-19 Junior Team Celebration-4-27-19
Club of Birmingham Tournament Winners-4-28-19 Middle School Winner-4-30-19
Dixieland Tournament Winner-5-5-19 Greystone YMCA Tournament Winner-5-5-19
Greystone Country Club Winners - 5-26-19 Greystone Tournament Winners-5-26-19
Division Winners - 10's - 6-1-19 Division Winners - 12's 6-1-19
Jamiya Selected in Junior Qualifiers-6-3-19 Nigel Participates In Junior Qualifier-6-3-19
Andy's Tournament Win-6-12-19 Jamiya's Southern Close Accomplishments-6-15-19
Dave Hagaki Visit-6-15-19 (Educational Consultant) Pioneer Check Donation-6-18-19
Honor Students In Junior Program-6-22-19 Computer Build Class-6-22-19
STEM/STEAM Class-6-22-19 Kevin's Family Departure-6-27-19
Booker T. Washington House (Tuskegee - 7/12/19) Auburn 12 and Under Champs-7-14-19
Andy Ding Receives Sportsmanship Award-7-14-19 Junior Tournament Level Four-8-3-19
Southern Championship Tournament-8-10-19 NJTL Essay Winner-8-13-19
Birmingham Times Tennis Articles-8-15-19 Essay Winners From Winston-Salem-8-19-19
ACE Hero This Week-8-20-19 Vegetable Garden Visit-8/24/19
Jamiya/Nigels Tournament Win-9/8/19 Jamiya's Tournament Award-9-22-19
Ranidi's Tournament Award-9-22-19 Booker T. Washington Month-11-9-19
Jamiya-Nigel-Lucille-Awards-11-3-19 Jamiya/Coach Krystal-Awards-11-10-19
Lucille's Tournament Award-11-10-19 Junior Team Celebration -11-12-19
Jamiya/Nigel/Andy Tournament Awards-11-17-19 Phillips Academy Tennis Orientation-11-21-19
Pickleball Champs-11-23-19 Chess Challenge-11-30-19
Little Kids Challenge-12-7-19 Pickleball at Our Lady of Fatima-12-8-19
Junior Tournament Accomplishments-12-8-19 Junior Champs-12s & 14s-12-12-19
McWane Science Center-12-14-19  


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