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updated: 12/22/20


2020 Archived News

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McWane Center - Booker T. Washington-12-17-19 Chess Club at Booker T. Washington-1-10-20
Booker T. Washington STEM Lockdown-1-24-20 Booker T. Washington Computer Check-1-29-20
UTR Tournament-2-8-20 Nyla's 2019 NJTL Essay Award Celebration-2-15-20
Phillips Academy Tennis Lessons-2-20-20 Arthur Ashe Legacy Day Celebration-2-25-20
Sam's Chess Win-3-1-20 Food Distribution Project at Booker T. Washington-6-13-20
Essay Contest Winners-6-27-20 STEM Summer Program at Booker T. Washington-7-2-20
Mobile Junior Qualifier-Andy-7-13-20 Hoover Country Club Level 3-Andy-Jamiya-7-19-20
Marsha Knepper Jr Tournament-James-Andy-8-9-20 Bham Tennis Academy Tournament-Andy-L4-Win-8-16-20
Greystone Level 3 Tournament-Jamiya-9-20-20 Diaper Drive For Bundles of Hope-9-26-20
Booker T. Washington English Project-10-13-20 Southern Featured Our Essay Contest-10-9-20
After School Activities at George Ward-10-19-20 Andy's AL State Open Championship Award-10-25-20
Booker T. Washington Computers Installed-10-26-20 Jamiya & Nigel Win at Greystone YMCA-10-31-20
Hoover Country Club Junior Winners-11-8-20 Hoover Country Club Consolation Winner-11-8-20
Birmingham Tennis Academy Winners-11-15-20 Pell City Tournament Win - Rachel - 11-21-20
Mayor Dinkins Tribute - 11-26-20 Pioneer Check Received-12-3-20
Andy's Win In Level 2 Montgomery Tournament-12-13-20 Jamiya - Nigel Greystone Tournament Win-12-22-20


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