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Team competition for our rallyball teams took place at the James Lewis Tennis Center on Saturday, 3/27/04. The top four teams and their pictures are listed below. We are looking forward to competition on 4/10/04 with other tennis centers. We would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with our Rallball event.

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Group Picture




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First Place - Presbyterian Community Center

Coach Corky Clark and team members Monica Carter, Pooh Jones, R. L. Lee, Nick Lee and Mike Thomas.


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Second Place - The Lightnings

Coach Rudy Lewis and team members Mylan Brown, Bryleesha Hollis, Zavier Mason and Kyleesha Gregory.



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Third Place - The Pink Panthers

Coach Toshiba Heard and team members Shanae Robins, Samantha Lovell, Ambrea Lyles and Isaiah Martin.


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Fourth Place - The Eagles

Coach Al Garret and team members Audriya Lyles, Austin Robinson, Lawrence Robinson, Saanyol Suswam and Sena Suswam.

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Getting fired up!


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Rallyball play.



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Staying focus on the ball.