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Our last week of Rallyball competition was held at the James Lewis Tennis Center on 10/30/04. Homewood, James Lewis and George Ward were the teams participating. We played two rounds of Rallyball and the scores are below. Our first place team was the Young Flames (Homewood), second place was George Ward 2, third place was George Ward 1, and fourth place was the Golden Retrievers (James Lewis). Other team scores are listed on our score board. Metals were awarded to our top 3 teams - please see below. Certificates were given to all participants. We will continue to work with our Juniors on full court tennis. We may have another Rallyball session in the Spring. We would like to thank all  the volunteers that help make this event a success! We also appreciate the Birmingham Area Tennis Association (BATA) for sharing half the cost of our pizza celebration that we had for all our Juniors and Volunteers on Saturday. 

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Group Picture




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First Place

Pictured above are Coach Tennis Dave, Fletcher North, Kyle Spente, Jack Grant, Brett Preston, Ty DeCastra & John McCaster


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Second Place

Pictures above is Coach Mancell White, Katie Boyd, Alexa Wilkerson, Alex White & Morgan Lee


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Third Place

Pictured above are Coach Mancell White, Cameron Watson, Jade Stewart, Alisha Divance, Vincent Lee & Kaya Mayweather

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Golden Retrivers (James Lewis)


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Golden Stars (James Lewis)


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Golden Tigers (James Lewis)

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George Ward 1

MVC-250S.JPG (37754 bytes)

George Ward 2

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Young Flames (Homewood)