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Team competition for the Boy and Girl Scouts took place at the James Lewis Tennis Center on Saturday, 12/20/03. The top four teams' pictures and names are listed below. We would like to thank the Boy and Girl Scouts and their Scout Leaders for coming to our tennis center. Also special thanks to Coach Corky Clark and Coach Mike Reddington for helping us in all four sessions. We would like to also thank Birmningham Area Tennis Association for loaning us the tennis nets and clip boards.

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Group Picture




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Coach Mike Reddington and Coach Corky Clark checking the net before Team Competition begins.


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Coach Ken Robinson making sure the floor is ready for play.



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First Place Team. Team members are Ambrea Lyles, Antoine Anderson, Dominic Montgomery, Ashton Whitt and April Coleman. The scorekeeper was Al Tompkins.


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Second Place Team. Team members are Joshua Cox, Austin Moore, Quillar Merriweather, Michael Threatt, Rondarius Montgomery and Collin Washington.The scorekeeper was Curtis Coleman.

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Third Place Team.Team members are Ashley Coleman, Jowanna Merriweather, Dominic Thomas, Alex Tompkins, Anthony Williams and Lawrence Perry. The scorekeeper was Dana McReynolds.

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Fourth Place Team.Team members are Altrice Anderson, Audriya Lyles, Phillip Anderson, Matthew Huff, Cordauis Bland and Christopher Minter. The scorekeeper was Ray Threatt.

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First court action.

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Second court action.

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Score Board.