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Our last week of Team Tennis was at the Homewood Tennis Center on 11/15/03. Homewood, James Lewis and Wald Park were the teams participating. We played two rounds of rallyball and the scores are below. Our first place team was Wald Park 2, second place was James Lewis 2 and third place was James Lewis 1. Metals were awarded to our winning teams - please see below. Certificates were given to all participants. We will do Rallyball Team Tennis again in the Spring. We would also like to thank Birmingham Area Tennis Association (BATA) for supplying the clip boards.

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Group Picture




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Some of our Juniors getting into the play.


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Certificates awarded to all participants.


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The final score.


First Place Team - Wald Park 2

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Second Place Team - James Lewis 2

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Third Place Team - James Lewis 1

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